Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Attention, gentlemen.  Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away!  I know it seems like we just celebrated Sweetest Day but unless you want to be in the metaphorical dog house, we suggest that you take a few active steps to make this holiday one for the record books.  Here are a few hints to […]

Learn Something New for $250

Learn something new, like animation or photography – for right around $250. Sure, you could spend countless hours searching blogs and various tutorials for the information you’re looking for, but there’s a wide discrepancy between reputable content when you’re trying to learn a new skill. Another solution is to invest in a year-long subscription on […]

Start a Band with $250

With a bit of Google searching, a little DIY, some willing friends, and a volunteered garage space, you can start keeping the neighbors up with your nightly jam sessions (Want to stay friends with the neighbors? See item 5 below). Here’s how it adds up: Electric guitar & Amp: $100 Check for used guitars and […]

Post Holiday Yoga for $250

Do you need time to release the holiday pressure? Take some yoga classes to unwind. Imagine yourself gracefully breathing in and out, slowly ascending into nirvana and making sure you don’t cause a domino effect when you tip into your neighbor. Channel your inner yogini and let the stress melt away. Namaste. Here’s How it […]

Men’s Cold Weather Gear for $250

Looking good should not break the bank!  By incorporating a few pieces into your wardrobe you can keep yourself looking good this winter season. Here’s How it All Adds Up Scarf – A thick scarf can keep you warm and toasty on those chilly winter nights. What used to be thought of as a last […]