10 Reasons to Refinance Your Home in 2016

Refinancing is something many homeowners have considered. Home refinancing may be done for any number of reasons, and the costs are often worthwhile if you plan to remain in the home for several more years. Here are ten reasons why people refinance their mortgages. 1. For a Lower Interest Rate Getting a lower interest rate […]

Camping Prep for $250

If you are taking a trip into the wilderness this summer, it might be a good time to start thinking about the essentials. Make sure you are ready to brave the great outdoors with these must have items. Here’s how it adds up: Tent – $140.00 – When choosing a tent you may want to […]

Redo Your Landscaping for $250

Time and time again, every single home improvement show you watch will tout the importance of curb appeal in a home. But, many homeowners are overwhelmed at the idea of trying to improve their landscaping. Here’s how to have a front yard that looks like it could win awards for a couple hundred bucks. Here’s […]

Become a Grillmaster for Less than $250

Despite what it might look like outside in your neck of the woods, spring is just around the corner. That means grilling. Lots of grilling. If your hamburgers are often mistaken for hockey pucks, then this advice is for you. Here’s how it adds up: Grill – $100-$150: There are a wide range of prices […]

Start Running for $250

It’s FINALLY starting to feel like Spring in many parts of the country!  The singing birds and blooming trees are our reminder to get outside and enjoy the rising temperatures.  For that reason, many of the folks at Northpointe Bank use the spring season as a time to get into proper running shape.  After months […]