Brexit and US Mortgage Interest Rates: What’s the Connection?

Brexit. You’ve heard about it, but from across the pond, think it won’t have much impact on you. However, the current effects of Brexit are favorably impacting mortgage rates in the US, and there may be long-term implications for the domestic housing market. Don’t get caught off-guard and keep an eye on these connections between […]

Six Questions to Ask Mortgage Lenders

A home is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make. A mortgage with favorable terms can give you the peace of mind you need to enter homeownership with confidence. In some ways, a mortgage lender is your partner in your real estate purchase, so as with any other decision, you want to be informed […]

Does Buying a Home Make Sense, Instead of Renting?

By Kent Selders, Redfin real estate agent As a renter, you may have thought about buying your own place. But does it make sense financially? Does it fit your lifestyle? Here are some things to consider. Are you comfortable putting your money in an asset? In many instances you may need to make a down […]

6 Features to Look for in a Checking Account

Even if you only have limited knowledge of financial processes and markets, you know the value of having a checking account – secure storage of your money plus easy access via debit cards, direct deposit and online or mobile access. But, in 2016, checking accounts are no longer standard across financial institutions. Different banks and […]

When Debt Can Be Good for You – And When It’s Bad

It’s next to impossible to go through life without accruing some debt. The good news is that some loans can be healthy and even productive, which means there’s no rush to pay them off. Other debts should be erased more quickly. Here are a few examples of debt that can help and hurt your financial […]