Frequently Asked Questions

Are my deposits with Northpointe Bank FDIC-insured?

Yes. Funds deposited at Northpointe Bank are insured, in aggregate, up to $250,000 based on account ownership type, by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). You can confirm our FDIC membership by visiting the FDIC web site at

What is Northpointe Bank’s Routing Number?

Northpointe Bank’s routing number is: 072413926

  • This routing number identifies Northpointe Bank as your financial institution.
  • You will need this number when setting up direct deposit and wire transfers.

What is direct deposit?

Having your employer use its payroll department to deposit all or part of your paycheck into one or more bank accounts.
Every employer sets their own details for the direct deposit details available to employees (such as partial deposits, multiple accounts, etc.).

How do I set up direct deposit for my account?

Talk to your payroll manager about enrolling in or splitting direct deposit accounts. To enroll, you will need:

  • All account number(s) where you’d like money deposited.
  • Northpointe Bank routing number, listed above.

What products and services does Northpointe Bank offer?

Northpointe Bank offers a variety of products and services including the following:


  • Personal Checking
  • Business Checking
  • Personal Savings: Statement, Money Market and CDs
  • Business Savings: Statement, Money Market and CDs
  • Retirement Savings


  • Mortgages

How soon are my funds available to me after depositing?

Our policy is to make funds from your deposits available to you on the first business day after the day we receive your deposit, although there are certain exceptions to this policy. Contact Customer Service at 1-877-667-8441 for details about when funds are available for withdrawal.

Which ATMs can I use to access my money?

You can use any of the hundreds of thousands of ATMs worldwide displaying the Visa® logo. You can also use your Visa Check Card to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted and receive cash back at no charge when you use your PIN to authorize the transaction.


One of our personal concierge or mortgage professionals will be happy to meet with you.