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For the past 15 years Darrell has been independently investing in residential real estate ranging from single family to vacation rentals and small multi-family units. Through the 15 years he has employed many different purchase strategies and seen a lot of scams and schemes roll through the front range.

Darrell is looking forward to sharing his experiences and wisdom gained with the many new acquaintances and hopefully friends he will make as part of the Churchill family.

Darrell did the bulk of his growing up in the Colorado Springs area, graduating from the then brand new Doherty High School and then going to Durango Colorado to earn a Geology Degree from Fort Lewis College and a minor in Alpine Skiing from Purgatory ski area. What a great time to graduate with a Geology degree, right in the middle of the biggest oil slump in decades. After a year of building custom homes in the Larkspur area Darrell joined the Air Force, which was already in his blood since he was raised by a Master Sargent with 24 years in the Air Force. It was Destiny that took him to Scott AFB in Illinois for his first assignment, because Darrell met his best friend for life and future wife, Molly Matheson.

It has been a fast paced, adventurous 32 years of marital bliss for Darrell and Molly. Blessing them with 4 marvelous children, a wonderful daughter-in-law and energetic grandson and countless memories and experiences. Darrell was privileged to have a very fast paced, challenging and rewarding 20 years as an Air Force Communications officer.

Starting in the early 80s and stretching into 21st century he had the opportunity to jump in the middle of the growth and explosion of many of the technologies we now take for granted in everyday life. Birth of digital telephony, computer networking, DARPA net then Defense Data Network (DDN) and (Thank you Al Gore) the internet. This wasn't always easy for a rock hound with a Geology degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. Along the way he learned contracting, personnel, budgeting and most importantly how to take care of, inspire and lead people. Darrell truly believes it must be done in that order. He had the privilege to work with many outstanding dedicated, and patriotic Americans, both in and out of uniform, and will forever cherish those experiences. Since the Air Force Darrell has been enjoying expanding his Real Estate experience, he became a ski instructor at Breckenridge, and a PADI SCUBA Staff Instructor. Bottom line is that he loves assisting people achieve their dreams, whether it be on the slopes, underwater or financially-through Real Estate. Darrell believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve home ownership, if they so aspire. He was called to the mortgage industry to facilitate that dream for as many people as are willing to commit to the lifestyle and discipline that is required to achieve that goal. For many, purchasing and/or refinancing a home, is the largest financial decision they will ever make.

He believes it should be as easily understood and stress free as possible. Darrell makes his 30+ years of real estate investing and financing experience, knowledge, and wisdom available to every single borrower and transaction.

At Northpointe Bank, we strive to bring value and innovation to the people we serve, and are committed to a collaborative culture that delivers an exceptionally high level of service for each and every customer.

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