Northpointe Bank is your home for lending experts with years of collective experience and expertise. It’s your home for more programs - you’re sure to find one to fit your needs. Most of all, Northpointe is your home for loan experts who do what’s right, who still believe in the golden rule, and who truly love helping clients achieve their dreams of homeownership. So, go ahead and find your home. We’ll find your home loan. Most people dream of having a house of their own someday, but taking that dream to the reality of owning a home comes with a learning curve. Our loan experts know how to explain the process in clear language that doesn’t feel overwhelming. Then they’ll help you choose a great loan option that fits your needs to a tee. Over time, your needs for a house can change. Your family might be expanding, or your kids have ventured off to college. You might want to change jobs, change your zipcode, or just change the scenery. Whatever your needs as a repeat homebuyer, your Northpointe loan expert will work tirelessly to get them taken care of. Is it time to make improvements to your home, get cash out of your home, or simply lower your payment? Northpointe’s loan experts love helping clients save money. Contact your loan expert today to see just how easy it is to refinance.

Loan experts at this location

Daryl McCarthy
Regional VP
NMLS# 39582
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Travis Putnam
Sr. Loan Officer
NMLS# 43741
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Chris Britt
Branch Production Manager
NMLS# 45153
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Chris Turner
Sr. Loan Officer
NMLS# 45822
Meet Chris
Eric Tivnan
Sr. Loan Officer
NMLS# 69535
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David Langan
Sr. Loan Officer
NMLS# 1031408
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Jim Robertson
Sr. Loan Officer
NMLS# 2055678
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Margarita Valentic
Production Assistant
NMLS# 1105246
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Sebastian Zinnes
Loan Partner
NMLS# 2212518
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