EquityBuilder is a Northpointe Bank exclusive product specifically designed to help homeowners build equity in their homes faster than with traditional home loan products. To start building equity faster the EquityBuilder program allows the homeowner to take the funds they have available and apply them to the home loan interest rate as opposed to the principal of the loan. While this may seem unconventional (and it is) it gives homeowners more equity in their home which allows them to use the funds for future home improvements or to pay off other debt.

• Limited down payment to allow more buyers to be able to buy sooner and capture more of the benefit from homeownership.
• Build equity faster than on a traditional loan.
• Preferred treatment of student loans: If you are on income based repayment plan for your student loan we just use that payment in qualification.
• No mortgage insurance options available
• Available for loan amounts up to $450,000
• Aggressively priced rates to allow for the faster buildup of equity and the ability to more quickly eliminate mortgage insurance.

Not a commitment to lend.