Sales workflow

The joy of exceeding our clients’ expectations is what drives the Northpointe Bank team. When rush requests crop up, they are treated as an opportunity to wow the borrower!.


Northpointe offers great tools to assist you in selling, like online applications and online collection of loan documents through a secure portal.

Upfront underwriting

Bringing guideline experts closer to the client sooner in the process. Loan officers are able to run scenarios by underwriting, gaining real-time answers.

Gather and send documents securely

Sales and operations teams collaborate to get the file to close. Clients have the option to communicate electronically with eSign disclosures.

Final approval

Documentation typically is reviewed within the same day it is received

Closed loan

Closing team members work to meet the client’s expected close date, with inventive products like SimpleLoan.

Beyond the close

Internal Northpointe support teams help clients with answers to common questions, like switching insurance and 1st payments, freeing up loan officer time.

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