3 First Time Homebuyer Fears – And How to Overcome Them

As with many life experiences, buying a first home is thrilling, but filled with plenty of moments of fear. It is normal to feel overwhelmed during the home buying process, and you’ll likely have concerns throughout. However, know that these are completely normal feelings and like many homeowners before you, you will overcome them. These […]

4 Things to Consider as You’re Shopping for Home Mortgages

You’ve been scoping out neighborhoods on your drive to work, and you’ve decided that it’s time to start seriously looking for your first home. Before you fall in love with something, it’s important to understand how you’re going to pay for it. For first-time homebuyers, knowing what to expect when shopping around for home mortgages […]

How Long Does it Take to Buy a House?

Wondering when you’ll finally close on that dream home? You’re not alone. While no two home buying experiences are alike, familiarizing yourself with a typical timeline for purchasing a home will help you anticipate the different stages of the process. Preparing for each step will help you feel like the closing date is finally within […]

20 Hottest Real Estate Markets | March 2017

The summer buying season is starting to ‘heat up,’ and many markets are feeling the effects.  Realtor.com recently released their list of the Top 20 Hottest Real Estate Markets in the United States.  Grand Rapids, MI and Ann Arbor, MI appeared on the list for the first time and Colorado Springs, CO moved up two […]

Expert Interview Series: Elizabeth Dodson of HomeZada.com on Tracking Your Home-Related Finances

Elizabeth Dodson is the Co-Founder of HomeZada, a digital home management suite of apps to manage your home, where she oversees the customer experience and strategic partnerships. We recently asked Elizabeth for her advice on managing home finances including the importance of tracking the financial aspects of your home to make better decisions on managing, […]

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