Should You Consider a Rent-to-Own Property?

“Why rent when you can build equity?” is the usual refrain when talking with homeowners and would-be homeowners. While there’s still plenty of value left in the old saw, the truth is the best home mortgages are out of reach for many people. And with all of the recent factors lining up to make home […]

8 Packing Tips to Simplify Your Move

Congratulations! Exhaustively poring over website tutorials, YouTube videos, and article after article of “Tips and Tricks” has paid off in spades, and the dream house you’ve always wanted is yours. Finally, you can stop dreaming about things like “best mortgage rates” and “FICO score rehab,” and start dreaming about lawn care and the joy of […]

What Does it Mean if There’s a Lien on a Home?

The path towards home ownership may have gotten a bit rockier in the last few years, but let’s face it: it’s still the bedrock upon which the American Dream is built and a major life goal for most couples. So it can rankle a bit to finally find a home you both like and can afford, get […]

The Homebuyer’s Guide to Easements

As you drive away from your walk-through of a two-bedroom, two-bath with an island kitchen and a big backyard, you hesitate to use the phrase “Dream house,” but it’s awfully close. In fact, by the time you get home you’re both so sure you’ve found the one that you fire up a browser and start reviewing offers […]

Selling Your Home This Fall? Read This First

If selling your house in the spring or summer didn’t work for your schedule, you can still get top dollar in the fall between the time when kids return to school and holiday madness takes hold. Visibly changing seasons give everyone in the home-buying business a boost of energy. Autumn temperatures are crisp, and the […]

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