Should You Offer Above Asking Price for a Home?

You’ve found a house and are preparing your offer – but have you considered submitting a bid above asking price? In a booming market, homes can often end up selling for above-asking price, and several factors contribute to this phenomenon. It’s in every buyer’s best interest to know when to offer more, and how to […]

What Makes a Neighborhood Great?

When shopping for your first home, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you aren’t just buying a house – you’re buying a house in a neighborhood! What kind of community is important for you, now and in the long run? Do you have plans for starting a family, or are you looking to have […]

5 Things to Know about a Bank Appraisal

Between finding a house, making offers on properties, and obtaining financing, you may not be focused on what comes next in the buying process. However, preparing yourself for each next step is a must if you want to maintain a timeline that gets you in your new home as soon as possible. When you buy […]

4 Signs You Are Ready To Buy a Home

Have you been looking at your rent payments, wondering if it would be more cost effective if you owned your own home? You’re not alone. If you’re on the fence about buying versus renting a home, ease your concerns with some research and preparation. There is no “right” age or circumstances for buying a home, […]