A First-Time Buyer’s Guide to Closing Costs

If you’ve been looking at houses for sale, you’ve likely taken the early step of figuring out how much home you can afford—and how you’ll pay for it. Typically, it is the down payment that is the biggest financial barrier to overcome, so if you’ve been budgeting and saving towards your goal, good job! But […]

5 Ways to Tell if a Seller is Motivated

If you’re a first-time home shopper searching for the perfect property, you’ve likely come across the phrase “motivated seller” in countless listings. But what exactly does that mean? Describing a seller as motivated is often used to communicate to the buyer that the seller wants to make a deal—and may accept a lower offer to […]

Should You Purchase Your Childhood Home?

Your parents retired and moved out of town, and your childhood home is now vacant and for sale. Baby boomers are retiring in droves and looking to downsize, leaving their millennial children – many of whom want to buy a house – left contemplating whether they should buy their childhood home. You know the house, you have […]