9 Pro Tips for Your Winter House Hunt

Going on the hunt for houses and home mortgages is challenging enough on its own without the added stress of snow tires and a big puffy jacket. However, just because the nights are long doesn’t have to mean your odds are short. With a little know-how, you can make the season work for you and […]

8 Tips for Buying a House when You Have Student Loan Debt

You’re carrying a lot of student debt, but you want to buy a house? Read on for eight protips you can use to improve your chances of qualifying for a home mortgage. Let’s not sugar-coat what you already know: student loan debt makes a lot of things more difficult than if you were debt free. […]

10 Unconventional Strategies for Buying a Home in a Hot Market

If you’re constantly coming in second place when shopping for a home, try one of these 10 non-standard techniques to help you win the prize and a new address. It’s oh-so-frustrating, but also oh-so-true: the best home mortgages are of no use if you’re constantly getting beat out by other home buyers. You might think […]