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Despite what it might look like outside in your neck of the woods, spring is just around the corner. That means grilling. Lots of grilling. If your hamburgers are often mistaken for hockey pucks, then this advice is for you.

Here’s how it adds up:

Grill – $100-$150: There are a wide range of prices and options when it comes to grills. If you’re a grilling newbie, we recommend going with a gas model simply for ease of use.

How-to book – $12 – If you can get over the title, Grilling for Dummies is an excellent way to venture into the realm of grilling with step by step instructions and plenty of pictures.

Meat – $50: To feed a crowd, stop on in to your local butcher and ask for their recommendations on the best cuts that take into account both quality and price. You might be tempted to grab whatever is cheapest at the grocery store, but those cuts of meat are often

Grilling set: $15

Propane: $20

Total project cost: $247

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