Saving for a home? These 8 side hustles can help you reach your goals

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Saving for a home? These 8 side hustles can help you reach your goals

Homes & real estate

Are you preparing to buy your first house? If so, you may also be thinking of ways to come up with enough money to pay for it.

Having enough money for your down payment will be your first challenge to overcome. But if you’re serious about making a move, you can reach your goal faster with some extra work. These eight side hustles will help you achieve your goal of homeownership—and you might just learn something new along the way!

Able to quickly navigate your hometown and surrounding area? Try driving others in your spare time. 

1. Hit The Road

If you have a car and some extra time, sign up to be a driver with a ride-sharing service. You’ll only work when you're available, and you won’t need to make any investments to get started. To qualify as a driver for most sites, you’ll need to:

  • Be at least 21
  • Have a license in the state you wish to drive in
  • Have a year of licensed driving experience if over 23; three years if under
  • Have a 4-door car
  • Have insurance
  • Pass a background check

2. Teach English

As an ESL teacher, you can work nights or weekends to teach English to local students. Or if you prefer to work from home, you can sign up as an online teacher and work around seven hours a week in comfort, earning between $14-22 an hour.

3. Be A Tutor

If you have a degree or expertise in a particular area, you can get paid to tutor someone who needs help in your field. Post ads in local coffee shops or other areas where students might congregate, and sign up for a popular online tutoring site to increase your potential client base. You’ll start out earning around $20 an hour and can work around your existing schedule.

Work for companies all over the world as a virtual assistant. 

4. Be A Virtual Assistant

Can you write professional emails? Know how to navigate an excel spreadsheet? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), virtual assistants fall under the category of Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, where the median pay is around $37,000 a year, or almost $18 an hour. For a side gig, you’ll find that plenty of the work doesn’t need to be done during business hours, leaving you the flexibility to complete it when your time allows.

5. Babysit

If you have experience with kids or babysat earlier in life, you could get paid around $15-20 an hour by signing up on a babysitting site and finding jobs. Families will post jobs, and can look at your history and background to decide if you’re a good fit. You’ll meet to discuss their needs in more detail, agree upon your rate, and make some money in your spare time.

Get paid to hang out with furry friends while you save for your first home. 

6. Pet Sit

Maybe kids aren’t your things, but puppies are. As a pet sitter, you’ll get paid to hang out with other people’s animals visiting them in their homes or having them stay with you. Certain websites allow pet sitters to be vetted and matched with appropriate jobs in your area.

7. Sell Photos

If you have a camera and a good eye, you can sell your photos on stock photo websites. You can also download apps that let you upload and sell images right from your camera phone. You’ll get 50% of the licensing fee for only a few minutes of work!

8. Take Care Of Someone’s Errands

Certain websites allow you to find local jobs in your area ranging from picking up someone’s laundry to trimming their lawn. Some sites even offer virtual gigs, such as being a virtual assistant, designing a logo, or data entry.