If this is the year you are ready to buy a house, the upcoming autumn season may be your ideal time to make it happen.

Just think about all that goes into looking for a property–open houses, realtor visits, checking out neighborhoods, to name a few. Avoiding the depths of winter and the blazing heat of summer means your autumn home search will be more comfortable and easier to navigate. You’ll also avoid the biggest crowds of summer–people looking for either a seasonal property or families trying to get settled before the school year. It’s no wonder that a 2015 RealtyTrac report found October to be the best month to make a home purchase.

If you’re ready to start your home search this fall, these insights will help you prepare for what you can expect from the autumn market.


Reduce Competition From Other Buyers

Fall is busy for many people–getting back to work, back to school, and transitioning out of summer relaxation, back to real life. Therefore, plenty of people will not be looking for homes, which means you get more options and less competition.

Make Better Deals

Many of the houses listed in the fall are those that didn’t sell during the summer, which puts you in a great position for getting a deal. Check out how many days each property has been on the market, and then offer a low price–particularly for those that have been sitting. If the seller comes back, don’t be afraid to be more aggressive during negotiations; at this point, you know they need to get rid of their home.

Strategically Use the Holidays

No one wants to be worrying about inspections or closings over the holidays, so use the season to your advantage by telling sellers you’ll close before them. To do so, you’ll need to be prepared by having your financing settled, identifying inspectors and others who will need to be involved, and ensuring that you are ahead of the game so that closings happen on time.

What else is beneficial about the holiday season? The deals on items you’ll need to furnish your home. Everything from lawn equipment to TVs to major appliances are typically marked down significantly in the months of September to December.

Get Full Tax Benefits

As a homeowner, you can deduct the interest from your mortgage and any property taxes from your income tax. The great thing about closing at the end of the year is that those deductions will still count–even if you close in December. That immediate break in your expected taxes can go a long way towards getting settled in your new home.

Have an Easier Move

Without a doubt, autumn is the most pleasant time to move physically. You’re avoiding summer heat and winter weather, and you’ll also have more availability from moving companies coming off the high season. With fewer people on the road, you’ll have far less chance of delays or holdups.

If you’re ready to look for your home this fall, prepare by researching home loan rates and available mortgage structures to secure financing. Answer a few questions here, and a home lending expert will contact you.