Time and time again, every single home improvement show you watch will tout the importance of curb appeal in a home. But, many homeowners are overwhelmed at the idea of trying to improve their landscaping. Here’s how to have a front yard that looks like it could win awards for a couple hundred bucks.

Here’s how it adds up:

The design – $0-$30: Hiring a licensed landscape designer is expensive, but there are plenty of free and low cost ways to get ideas! Houzz is a website where you can search through tons of pictures of what others have done and save them to idea books. There are also landscape design software options for around $30.

Plants – $180: The trick here is to spend your money on low-maintenance shrubs and flowers and to get a good variety of height & color. Try something like a dwarf alberta spruce or ornamental grasses.

Shovel, spade & gardening gloves: $40

Total project cost: $250

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