Trail running. Freeze action closeup of running shoes in action. Shallow depth of field, focus on left shoe.


It’s FINALLY starting to feel like Spring in many parts of the country!  The singing birds and blooming trees are our reminder to get outside and enjoy the rising temperatures.  For that reason, many of the folks at Northpointe Bank use the spring season as a time to get into proper running shape.  After months of trotting on a treadmill inside an artificially lit gym the prospect of getting outdoors is a welcomed change to a stagnant work out routine.  So, if you’re looking to get started with a running program, OR if you are training for your first 5K here are a few items to help get your feet moving!

Reflective Gear – Starting with safety.  Running at dawn or dusk can be a risky given lower visibility.  Putting on reflective bands like these from Amazon is a cost effective way to be seen.  Your safety is totally worth $7.00

Sunscreen –  We hate to sound like your mother, but make sure to slather on some sunscreen. A bulk pack from Costco is only $15.00.  C’mon.  You know your Mom worries about you.

Shoes – This will be your most expensive item by far, but it’s also the most important!  The correct shoes can help alleviate joint pain and keep you moving forward.  Budget about $150 for this purchase, and make sure you go to a running shoe store like New Balance.  The customer service representatives can help you find the ideal shoe for your specific running style.

Socks – You already have some sweet shoes but don’t forget about the socks!  A little bit of extra cushion between you and the pavement is always needed.  Here is an inexpensive 6 pack of socks for just $14.00

Phone Case – Running with your phone is a good idea in the event that something unfortunate happens on your morning jog.  Protect your phone with a hands free case.  Budget $20.00 for this item depending on the make and model of your device.

Tunes – Hey, you’ve already got a phone case for your running adventures.  Why not fill it with some sweet workout tunes!  $40.00 should be more than enough to create an epic playlist.

Total project cost: $246

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