Looking good should not break the bank!  By incorporating a few pieces into your wardrobe you can keep yourself looking good this winter season.

PeacoatHere’s How it All Adds Up

  • Scarf – A thick scarf can keep you warm and toasty on those chilly winter nights. What used to be thought of as a last minute holiday gift idea has been elevated to an essential piece of any dapper man’s closet.  A quality scarf can be found at most local malls or online retailers for around $20.00.
  • Gloves – If you live in a climate that sees frequent snowfall investing in a decent pair of gloves is essential. So, make sure to protect those digits when you’re participating in an epic snowball fight by coming to the battle with decent gloves.  A nice pair can be about $50.00 at a high end retailer like REI.com.
  • Down Vest – If you’re not quite ready to transition into a full winter parka, a down vest is a good piece to keep at your disposal. This is also  perfect for warmer climates.  Check out Columbia online, or visit your local mall, but a good quality vest will be about $70.00.
  • The Coat. You have about $100.00 left in your budget and we’ve saved the largest ticket item for last.  A quality jacket is your first barrier to cold and miserable weather.  A single breasted wool pea coat will keep you looking sharp while helping you stay warm.  Pea coats come in numerous different colors and styles, so finding the perfect one for you isn’t a tall order.  Shopping online at Amazon.com or Overstock.com will help you keep the price in check.  In all you can easily find a great coat for around $105.00.

There you have it.  Keeping warm this year will run you about $245.00.

Why $250, you might ask?

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