The best homes, like the best home mortgages, are going to be a major part of your life for years, maybe even decades.

So, all things considered, you should look to design trends that are vibrant now so that years later you’ll not just have a house that’s a solid investment, but a home that still feels fresh and fun to live in.

Of course, your home should reflect you and your personality. But if you’re not quite sure how to do that design-wise, take a look at these seven home trends to see if anything resonates.

Not since the molded tin of the 1920s have designers looked to ceilings for inspiration. Different colors, wallpaper, lacquer, moldings. The sky is—almost literally—the limit for making a room appear bigger, brighter, and bolder.

And speaking of the ‘20s, Art Deco, another century-old design trend, is hot-hot-hot. Simple and functional with a touch of whimsy. Look for more of it in the months to come.

It’s all about green this year. Specifically, “Nightwatch green” (essentially, the slightly more emo cousin to hunter green). It’s designed to work with the latest and greatest finishes, fixtures, and elements.

Showroom-coordinated furniture sets are convenient and are designed to work well together, but they’re also about as individually expressive as a stack of Pringles chips.

Go for the pieces that speak to you regardless of how far back they were “in”. A clear personal style always makes for great design.

And this trend isn’t just for furniture. Feel free to mix-and-match your kitchen fixtures and finishes. Design elements. Color palettes. Cabinet pulls and more. It’s all up for your personal style to dictate.

The great-great-grandchildren of the Murphy bed are ready for their spotlight. Built-in shelving, tucked-away drawers, and things that fold up, out, in, and every which way but loose to make the most of the space you have available without taking up all of the space you have available.

Designers live on this planet, too, and they’re doing their part to bring in more energy-saving appliances, eco-friendly design elements (passive solar, anyone?), “Smart” and connected everything, recycled materials, and more.

Rigid and linear have had a good run, and while they’ll never really go away, the sensuality of furnishings that rely more on soft materials that feature curves—whether it’s a table, throw rug, or couch—are gaining greater acceptance for their ability to bring some vibrant, feminine energy to a home.


While you should never be a slave to fads and here-today-gone-tomorrow décor fashions, to paraphrase Gordon Gecko, “Design is good. Design works.”

A house that features the latest trends helps you live in the present and look forward to the future instead of being stuck in the past.

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