With a bit of Google searching, a little DIY, some willing friends, and a volunteered garage space, you can start keeping the neighbors up with your nightly jam sessions (Want to stay friends with the neighbors? See item 5 below).

Here’s how it adds up:

  1. Electric guitar & Amp: $100
    Check for used guitars and amps on major retailer websites. Craigslist also has great options.
  2. Keyboard: $40Casio
    It may not be what the pros use, this mini keyboard from Casio gets the job done (and your kids will probably like it too.)
  3. Bass: $75
    Similar to the electric guitar, you should be able to find a pretty decent one for around $75.
  4. Percussion: $15
    While you probably won’t be able to afford a full drum set, you can score some pretty amazing tambourines for under $20
  5. Earplugs for the neighbors: $9
    Stay friends with the neighbors! Hand out earplugs in advance of your band formation
  6. Cowbell: $9
    Because you can never have enough cowbell.

Total: $248

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