The Top Home Renovations with the Best ROI in 2019

ROI. It’s the three-letter acronym that home buyers and renovators learn PDQ when looking to cash in on their TME (Time, Money, and Energy). Renters interested in buying a home aren’t going to scour the web for home mortgages and agree to a 30-year-loan if they think they’ll end up with a 1,200 square-foot lemon. So, […]

8 Tips for Buying a House when You Have Student Loan Debt

You’re carrying a lot of student debt, but you want to buy a house? Read on for eight protips you can use to improve your chances of qualifying for a home mortgage. Let’s not sugar-coat what you already know: student loan debt makes a lot of things more difficult than if you were debt free. […]

18 Money-Saving Winterizing Tips for Your Home

To borrow a phrase, drafty halls do not make for a comfy house. Now that you’ve purchased your home, make sure your first winter is a warm and cost-effective one. Below are 18 money-saving ways to winterize your home. THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR FREE Clean the Gutters: If rainwater can’t easily flow out the spout, […]

Should You Consider a Rent-to-Own Property?

“Why rent when you can build equity?” is the usual refrain when talking with homeowners and would-be homeowners. While there’s still plenty of value left in the old saw, the truth is the best home mortgages are out of reach for many people. And with all of the recent factors lining up to make home […]

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