8 Tips for Making the Most Out of Michigan Winters

Michigan winters and mortgage interest rates have at least one thing in common—at least right now—they’re both frozen. OK, as jokes go, that leaves something to be desired, but there’s nothing that says your winter has to be as lame. Winter in Michigan actually offers a lot of possibilities for old and young, rich and […]

9 Pro Tips for Your Winter House Hunt

Going on the hunt for houses and home mortgages is challenging enough on its own without the added stress of snow tires and a big puffy jacket. However, just because the nights are long doesn’t have to mean your odds are short. With a little know-how, you can make the season work for you and […]

18 Money-Saving Winterizing Tips for Your Home

To borrow a phrase, drafty halls do not make for a comfy house. Now that you’ve purchased your home, make sure your first winter is a warm and cost-effective one. Below are 18 money-saving ways to winterize your home. THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR FREE Clean the Gutters: If rainwater can’t easily flow out the spout, […]

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