Model Elements

We work with you to develop a BRANDED solution with your culture and borrowers in mind. Our mortgage team works to support you through technology, compliance, products, pricing and delivery. You choose the products that are right for your investment needs and we purchase the loans that do not fit your needs.


We become your back office. Northpointe Community Lending will handle all of the day to day operations of managing your loans. As the mortgage market continues to be volatile and change, we assume the responsibility of hiring to match demand. You simply pay for the loans that are processed by us. This creates a profitable, sustainable business model that allows you to focus on cross-selling and running your organization.


through the Community Lending channel, we are able to significantly reduce our client’s compliance costs and utilize our expertise to handle the challenges associated with it. We develop defined rules of engagement that ensure transparency and help clients build their regulatory narrative. As our industry continues to add layers of regulatory burden, we are here to support and alleviate many of the changes.


have you noticed that the costs of technology has become one of the largest indirect cost you have? By providing clients with a full suite of solutions we provide a cost saving model.

We provide our Clients the following:

Loan Operations Systems- we provide you with the LOS to upload loans and allow our team to start working for your Borrower. Community Lending Portal- Clients access this secure branded portal to: • View MTD & YTD Purchased Volume
• Review Purchased Loan Pipeline
•Access to Purchase Advice and Complete Loan File •Product Guidelines and Forms •Create Reports