Northpointe Bank Providence is Bringing You Home
Buy or refinance a home with help from the Northpointe Bank Providence team at Northpointe Bank
Northpointe Bank Providence
Turks Head Building 76 Westminster Street Suite 650 Providence, RI 02903

The Northpointe Bank Providence team is an experienced, motivated and consumer centric group that is focused on delivering the best home lending experience to our clients 24/7.

Cheryl Hodgdon Loan Officer NMLS#: 22996
Jonathan Agudelo Loan Officer NMLS#: 1367781
Justin Conrad Loan Officer NMLS#: 4283
Macy Korolnek Jr. Loan Officer/Production Assistant NMLS#: 177166
Matt Resnick Sales Manager NMLS#: 23256
Michael Quin Loan Officer NMLS#: 16162
Neil Russo Loan Officer NMLS#: 165781
Rich Brandariz Loan Officer NMLS#: 7941
Rick Marini Loan Officer NMLS#: 21837
Sean McGowan Loan Officer NMLS#: 5276
Zachary Levesque Branch Manager NMLS#: 16841
Zachery Hatch Loan Officer NMLS#: 681675
About Northpointe Bank Providence

Our team of home lending professionals has extensive experience in helping homeowners secure conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans and much more in Rhode Island.

We care about our customers. Consideration for the customer is built into every action we take. We care about each other. The ultimate success of Northpointe is dependent on our ability to support each other and deliver results together – as a team. We care about our industry. We are a provider of the single biggest transaction for consumers in their lives and an input to the second largest debt market in the world. We conduct ourselves accordingly. We care about our communities. We believe that our responsibilities extend beyond the workplace. We care about results. Our results are measured by the consistency with which we deliver on our mission. Without sustainable success, there is no culture to cultivate.