Five Tips for Building an Emergency Fund

Like getting enough sleep or changing your oil, having an emergency fund is one of those things that—sooner or later—we’re all glad we took the time to get done. Except too many of us don’t. The 2015 Federal Reserve Report on Economic Wellbeing of U.S. Households determined almost half of all Americans would have difficulty […]

What to Expect from the Short Sale Process

What is a short sale, anyway? A short sale is when a property sells for less than what a homeowner still owes on the loan. Since the lender(s) will end up losing money, short sales can only happen if lenders allow it. So this is a good deal for buyers? Possibly.  But… Short sale properties can […]

Saving for a Home? These 7 Side Hustles Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Are you preparing to buy your first house? If so, you may also be thinking of ways to come up with enough money to pay for it. Having enough money for your down payment will be your first challenge to overcome. But if you’re serious about making a move, you can reach your goal faster […]

How Does a Home Equity Loan Work?

With real estate values on a seemingly never-ending rise, a home equity loan or home equity line of credit seem like a no-brainer. Use the money to pay off high-interest debt, and you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on interest charges. Make some much-needed repairs or improvements to your house, and you’re […]