The Homebuyer’s Guide to Easements

As you drive away from your walk-through of a two-bedroom, two-bath with an island kitchen and a big backyard, you hesitate to use the phrase “Dream house,” but it’s awfully close. In fact, by the time you get home you’re both so sure you’ve found the one that you fire up a browser and start reviewing offers […]

Selling Your Home This Fall? Read This First

If selling your house in the spring or summer didn’t work for your schedule, you can still get top dollar in the fall between the time when kids return to school and holiday madness takes hold. Visibly changing seasons give everyone in the home-buying business a boost of energy. Autumn temperatures are crisp, and the […]

How Your Interest Rate Impacts Your Loan Cost

You’ve certainly heard by now that buying a home will be the most expensive single item you’ll likely ever pay for, but did you know the initial purchase price is only one part of the cost? The other part? Your mortgage interest rate. Shopping for a home loan can sometimes be frustrating, so it’s understandable […]

9 Small Projects with a Big Payoff When You Sell

Even at a time where it seems like all a seller has to do is toss a “For Sale” sign on their front lawn and sit back and wait for the stampede of cash offers, it’s still the smart play to plan on a few simple home improvement projects that can offer a nice return […]