The Home Inspector Found Mold… Now What?

Mold. It’s the four-letter-word of home ownership. But what exactly does it mean if an inspector has found it in your dream home? What are your options beyond simply moving on to the next house with a For Sale sign? For this article, we’re going to assume you’ll want to stick with the house you’re […]

18 Money-Saving Winterizing Tips for Your Home

To borrow a phrase, drafty halls do not make for a comfy house. Now that you’ve purchased your home, make sure your first winter is a warm and cost-effective one. Below are 18 money-saving ways to winterize your home. THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR FREE Clean the Gutters: If rainwater can’t easily flow out the spout, […]

Are FHA Loans a Good Option for First-Time Buyers?

If the conventional path for purchasing a home—20% down and a 700+ credit score to secure the best mortgage—isn’t in the cards, an FHA loan might be the next-best solution. At a time when home prices are still rising, FHA loans have lower, more accessible requirements than standard loans. However, with these lower standards come […]

Buying a Home After a Short sale: What You Need to Know

“Short sale.” Some people may look at the phrase as a modern-day financial scarlet letter, but in fact, a short sale, while unfortunate, is not an irreparable strike against you or your credit. The good news is you can still qualify for a home mortgage after a short sale. In some cases, it may take as long as […]