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“The portfolio products are amazing and offer a lot more flexibility for clients.”

Kimberly Gierescher

Loan Officer

Grand Rapids, MI

Not all products are available in all states

A program mix that Loan Officers and Managers love

Nothing is more frustrating than talking to a potential client and losing the sale because you don’t have a good program to fit their needs. At Northpointe, you have the flexibility to custom tailor a solution to fit almost every client.

The joy of exceeding our clients’ expectations is what drives the Northpointe Bank team. When rush requests crop up, they are treated as an opportunity to wow the client, rather than as a favor to a Loan Officer.


Innovative technology

Northpointe’s proprietary app lets your borrowers manage loans through a smart online portal, saving you valuable time, and making for a top-notch customer experience. Not only does the app aid your customers, but you’ll have access to your own dashboard to manage, view and grow your pipeline.

“As far as our products are concerned, I have not seen anyone that can compare”

Todd Crane

Vice President, Retail Production

Colorado region

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