Treating people like family is what Carol Campbell is all about. For nearly 20 years, she has been providing the type of customer service she would give to a member of her own family. Her professionalism is second to none and she will strive to meet your needs and enhance your experience.

Because of her ability to put her clients’ needs first, and for her understanding of exceptional client service, Carol has earned Davison, Michigan’s Best of the Best Mortgage Loan Officer award for the last five years. She is the past president and current board member of the Davidson Area Chamber of Commerce. When she’s not busy treating people like family, she enjoys spending time with her own – Carol is married, and has a son, daughter and two grandsons.

At Northpointe Bank, we strive to bring value to our customers by offering client-focused financial products and services. We do this by empowering our employees to exceed our customer expectations, delivering convenient innovative technology, and supporting our employees and the communities we serve.

Let Carol create a personal mortgage strategy for you! Call her today at 810-964-5463.