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About Jamie Judson

I have worked in mortgage lending since 1998. I have learned a lot of things since then. There have been many changes good and bad since that time. That is one of the most important things about a loan officer is to keep up with the ever changing guidelines and regulations, as well as the loan products for our customers.

I grew up a very competitive person as a child. I feel that has carried over to my career in making sure I fight to serve my customers the best way I possibly can. I love to stay in contact with my customers over the years and always be of service to them even if they are not in need of a mortgage.

I am all about a commons sense approach in an industry where not everything makes sense. It is very important that I am as informative to my customers giving them every option possible to best fit their needs. The more communication to my customers the better their process experience will be. The smoother the process and less paperwork my customers have to retrieve, the happier my customers will be.

I take great pride in making my customers happy at the end of a mortgage process. I feel it is important to treat my customers experience the way I would want to be treated myself.

At Northpointe Bank, we strive to bring value and innovation to the people we serve, and are committed to a collaborative culture that delivers an exceptionally high level of service for each and every customer.

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