Throughout her journey to becoming a loan officer, Julie has seen the business from many angles, including many wide spread industry changes. Her success comes from the ability to explain to buyers why and how things were achieved. It is not enough to close on time; she strives for closings to be a very satisfying experience. Achieving happiness allows buyers and Realtors to refer their next friend or client so they, too, can have a great experience.

Finding the right combination of program, rate, and fees that fits the buyer can sometimes be seen as mental challenge where you are trying to get all the puzzle pieces to fit.  Julie, however, turns this into something that is both fun and rewarding.  She finds comfort in knowing that when everyone is working toward the same goal, things seem to fall in place until that goal is achieved, be it a new house or a better loan.

Julie holds degrees in graphic design and illustration. She finds that both art and mortgage lending demand devotion to excellence, great communication, precision, empathy and love for other people.  Julie also participates in a number of networking organizations.  The relationships she shares with her dear friends and colleagues allow her to refer a number of different services to her customers. Whether it is an insurance agent, home inspector, a fantastic Realtor, a chiropractor, a great school, a commercial banker, an auto broker, a landscape designer, or a dentist…she loves being a resource for her customers.  This in turn allows her to see that all the effort she puts in is appreciated and well worth it.

In her spare time, Julie loves to draw and paint, garden, walk and hike, drink wine, enjoy friends and be outdoors whenever possible. She has one grown daughter who’s a life-long dancer, on her way to become a physical therapist for dancers. Julie has two cats at home who keep her company.

At Northpointe Bank, we strive to bring value to our customers by offering client focused financial products and services.  We do this by empowering our employees to exceed our customer expectations, delivering convenient innovative technology, and supporting our employees and the communities we serve.