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Kimberly Howell has been working as a Loan Officer for the last two years and loves it. She likes helping families see that it is not impossible and that achieving their dream of homeownership is always possible. She achieves this by working with a great team and always keeping the lines of communication open to make your dream a reality. Kimberly knows that purchasing a home can be frustrating if one has many unanswered questions. Her promise to her clients is that all their questions will be answered, even if she has to go out of her way to find them for you.

Before she found a passion in the lending field, Kimberly was a small business entrepreneur for over 25 years in a service industry-related business, so customer service is essential to her. She is also a licensed real estate agent. This experience gives her the knowledge and understanding of communication with realtors as well as dealing with the contracts and addendums in real estate transactions.

In her free time, Kimberly enjoys spending time with her husband Dale, their two beautiful daughters, three grandchildren, and their little Maltese, Bella. She enjoys staying active with her grandchildren by going on hikes and having adventures. Kimberly enjoys traveling with Dale to the coast or the mountains to keep centered in her busy life. They have been to Nicaragua and Belgium and are looking forward to their next great adventure together. For Kimberly, her faith is also an important part of her life. She enjoys going on missions, both at home and abroad, to share that love with others.

Northpointe Bank is your home for loan advisors with years of collective experience and expertise. It's your home for more programs - you're sure to find one to fit your needs. Most of all, Northpointe is your home for loan advisors who do what's right, who still believe in the golden rule, and who truly love helping clients achieve their dreams of homeownership. So, go ahead and find your home. Kimberly will find your home loan. Connect today to get started.

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